Sunday, 25 June 2017

Camp touch

Touchdown! Monty, Zinzan and I are playing American Football,  Monty throws a  quick pass. Out of nowhere a  blurry figure catches the ball  with one hand.
We glance and realize it's Sarah. She asks “Do you want to play touch?” We look at each other, I look back.  “Sure.”

We start leaping to the dining room, open the door, take one big jump in and yell  “DOES ANYONE WANT TO PLAY TOUCH?” Everyone looks at us, from one side I hear a yes, from the other side I hear about 5 children yell yes. All of a sudden I hear loads of yeses.  We head over to the soccer field. I set up the teams and then it's kick off - the game started.

The ball flew in the air like an airplane,  I jump, the ball  flings hard into my chest.  I pass out wide to Zinzan, he starts doing tricks, he passes back, I do a little grubber, I start accelerating and pounce onto the ball - TRY!  

The teachers appear, we look, they have a frown on their face. They say to us “Guys, you guys have to go inside, it's getting too dark, but you can have a shower or just come inside” We look at each other and someone yells -
”Last one there has to have a shower outside in the rain.”   We all start running with laughter.  


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