Sunday, 10 September 2017

Have you ever had a nerve racking, breath taking moment in your life? Memories can remind us of  lessons that we have learned along the way.

 Here are two more of my nerve racking, breathtaking moments.

Me and my teammates are silent, no one is talking, the pressure is hitting us hard. Black is winning by 1 try 1-2.  Are we going to let the pressure drag us slowly down or are we going to take the win?  We look at the ref, he announces “There's two minutes to go.” Me and my teammates gasp, luckily he was meaning until halftime.

 As we run back onto the field after halftime I feel my heart beating hard. I hear some of my teammates panting, I’m scared. I hear the whistle blow. We kick, we start sprinting towards the ball.

The opposition kick it back. The ball bounces into one of their player’s big hands. I start freaking out. He knocks over one of our strongest players while sprinting for the try line. He is not moving.

We start rushing over to him, he's not breathing at that point.  At that stage we didn't care if we lost because we knew we would win next time. Our main focus was making sure our team mate and valued player was okay.

Here is the awesome moment when we did win...
On Saturday the 18th of August we were playing our arch rivals again Christchurch Black for the Christchurch Under 11s Championship. It’s the second half. We're so focused we really want to win this.

As we run frantically onto the green and muddy field we steer into their bulging eyes, seeing who we're facing.  We kick off and it goes into the hands of their fullback. We tackle him hard making him fall. Tackle after tackle we eventually get the ball back and we attack and attack with determination.

Our wing gets through all the players and scores. We all start cheering loudly.  But it wasn't over yet, they kicked off to us and we dropped the ball. It's a scrum. Their halfback rolls the ball into the scrum. Their number 8 runs it. Like a pack of wolves we pounce at them, making the tackle.

Our forwards react, we get the ball back. Pj our 2nd five runs it, he gets tackled and pops it up to Zinzan. He runs and he knocks over one of their players and scores. We hear the whistle blow and we start swinging our arms. I say to myself “We did it, we won”.

Talking about these memories makes me remember this one...
 “Sorry young man you're too short for this ride you can go on that one.” He points, I look, he tells me it's called the bullet and that its new. I hear screaming coming from that direction, I shiver.

I start to run to the slide, level after level, I get higher and higher. Finally I'm at the line. I look down and gasp. I think to myself “Do you really want to do this?” By then I was at the front of the line up the top of the tower. There was no backing out now.

As I slid into the green capsule slide, the man shut the door in front of me so I was trapped. I leaned back full of anxiety and then I heard a Siri like voice counting down... “Five, four, three, two, one.”

A trap door under me dropped open and I went flying down.  I was speeding through the water in the dark, I couldn't see anything. Then I hit a huge wave of water. “It's finished” I said to myself  in relief.

Memories have taught me many life lessons such as perseverance, overcoming your fears, and being part of a team.  What have you learned from your memories?

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