Sunday, 10 September 2017

How Do Planes Fly

How do planes fly?

Have  you ever wondered how a plane glides through the sky and why you can't fly with it? Well this is going to explain to you why you can not glide with it.

There are four forces that make an object an object fly.  They are: lift, drag, thrust and weight.  If you didn't have these four forces the plane wouldn't fly.

Lift: Lift is a force, it works against weight (gravity) and lifts objects, like planes, off the ground.

Weight pulls things down to the earth.  If we didn't have weight we would keep going up.

Thrust is created by propellers. It moves the plane forward. If you didn't have thrust then planes would stay still. The force that goes against
thrust is drag.

Drag slow planes down. If you didn't have drag the plane would keep accelerating and it would never stop. It goes against thrust.

So next time you see a plane gliding through the sky you know why you can't fly with it.  Our bodies can not overcome our weight to get us off the ground.  So our bodies are not strong enough to create thrust and lift.

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