Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Arts Reflection

My group did a basketball play and song to connect to the heart of Waimairi. We wanted people to see that basketball is fun and they should all try it. We thought sport and basketball is at the heart of Waimairi. We used non locomotor and locomotor movements in our dance like jumping, spinning, running, and dribbling.

My group had explosive energy that didn't go too fast or too slow. My group also had a song with our dance. We kept a good volume that wasn't too loud or too quiet. In our dance we were working in unison because when I walked forward we all did.

I placed my learning at relational because we were able to choreograph elements of dance and drama by using non- locomotor movements as well as other dance elements.

My next step is to choreograph a longer dance and play. I would love to perform to a bigger audience too.

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